Why Sergio Cortes Is The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

An impersonator is someone who tries to do things like another person. This could be an influential person, whom one tries to impersonate due to the admiration that one has for that person. This is a case that has been seen in the way different people have been able to show their love for Michael Jackson. The late Michael Jackson is the best pop musician and his music and dancing styles touched the hearts of many of his fans. Several people have emerged to impersonate him, but no person has been able to effectively impersonate Michael Jackson as Sergio Cortes has been able to do.

Sergio Cortes began to show his love for Michael Jackson from a tender age. He was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain. Sergio Cortes started impersonating Michael Jackson while in his teenage and most people encouraged him to continue with what he was doing. He was able to get some fans, who would encourage him to perform several songs by Michael Jackson and he was able to amaze people by the way he perfectly handled that. Sergio Cortes has gained fame and recognition for this and many people who have had great events have invited him to perform for guests.

His skills have proved perfect in the way he impersonates Michael Jackson. One of the things that have allowed him to rise to fame is the patience he exercised all through. Long before the death of Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes used to perform, but he was not able to command a large following as he does today. More people have fallen in love with his skills and abilities when it comes to music done by Michael Jackson. This is something he argues has offered satisfaction and joy for his life. He enjoys performing and playing like Michael Jackson and says he loves it and would like to do so for as long as he is alive.

Impersonating someone helps to relive his influence and power and this offers fulfillment. This is what has driven Sergio Cortes to impersonating Michael Jackson as he is able to enjoy bringing back the legacy of the late pop king. Sergio Cortes is able to perfectly sing all notes that were sung by Michael Jackson. His body and dancing styles are also in sync with what Michael used to do and many have not been able to believe he is an impersonator.

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