A Tale of Two Beagles and Beneful Dog Food

When I first adopted Ralph and Tilly, twin beagles, I knew that frequent walks, regular vet care, grooming, and nutritious meals were all important for their overall health. Before picking them up from the shelter on youtube.com, I had purchased a large bag of designer dog food from a specialty pet store, and that first evening home I proudly set their bowls down in front of them.  Tilly, who is smaller and a more dainty eater, kept picking up the large chunks and struggled to break them down into manageable bites, I know that dogs can’t distinguish color, but the food was grey and had the texture of bullets! Yuck!

A few days later, I asked my next door neighbor what she feeds her labrador, Juliet, and she told me about Beneful. She said she feeds her dog Beneful because it contains essential vitamins and minerals that help dogs stay healthy, plus her Juliet really likes it! She feeds her lab Beneful’s Healthy Weight formula, as her senior-aged dog is less active than she used to be.

I looked up Purina’s Beneful products on the web at https://www.beneful.com, and saw that they had several varieties of wet and dry food to choose from, including Incredibites, that contain smaller, tender and crunchy pieces, just right for my Tilly. As Ralph tries to steal veggies off my plate, I was pleased to learn that Beneful dog foods contained not only a variety of proteins like beef, chicken, lamb and salmon, but also spinach, carrots, green beans and other vegetables.

Coming back from the supermarket with the new food in tow. I gave them each a scoop of the Incredibites, with a generous dollop of Beneful’s Beef Stew (Beef, Peas Carrots, Rice and Barley) added in. Tilly and Ralph had no trouble licking their bowls clean that night ,and I was relived that I had found a high quality, delicious food that didn’t break my budget.


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  1. Muller Shawn says:

    Ralph, a sturdy little hound, chomped at the morsels in his dish, but walked away leaving half of his meal behind. Now, if only bath time was that easy! That’s why some essay writers choose to follow that path.

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