Useful tips for creating and editing Wikipedia pages

Whenever people decide to create or edit Wikipedia pages, the same problem occurs. They usually do not know from where to begin, and they are often not sure what to expect from the entire process. Whatever the reason, the following things need to be taken into consideration.
Creating Wikipedia Pages
If you have already used Wikipedia for its primary purpose, and that is as a source of information, and if you now to do something on your own, such as create a wikipedia page, there are some things you need to know.
The first step is to open an account, although other users can as well submit their articles without this. You should rely on trusted sources, and avoid copied materials. Your materials must be completely original, and you should also make sure that you know what you are talking about. If you have some doubts about the grammar, you can contact Wikipedia language’s desk.
Furthermore, GetYourWiki, a Wikipedia writing company is there to translate your texts to any language you want. The company adheres to Wikipedia’s Terms of Use, and it has all necessary tools that can help you in creating and modifying your articles.
As many people know, not all edits are there to improve the encyclopedia; some are there to hurt you as well. However, with this service, you can be sure that your edit is completely accurate and safe.
Rules for Editing Wikipedia and removing spams
The first step is to open an account in order to communicate with others much easier, and this allows you to revise some of the most important editing features. All pages in Wikipedia are free for editing, so you can correct any error you notice. It is also very important to avoid writing the same articles over and over again, since materials that are under copyright restriction will not be accepted. People usually avoid writing about themselves in order to avoid bias. Experts are also allowed to edit and write articles, while at the same interacting with other experienced editors.
As far as the process of editing is concerned, it is recommendable for all to use a VisualEditor, or a wiki markup by clicking tab that can be found on top of the page. You can use wiki markup for editing pages without learning anything about wikitext markup.
When it comes to removing spams, the golden rule is to first remove all old spams. Then, the Spam blacklist will get rid you of all problems with external links whenever the URL match all those spams listed at MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist.
So, the previously mentioned processes are not difficult at all. Just make sure you follow all the necessary steps, and have a lot of fun creating your own articles, together with editing others.

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