DJ Jon Urbana Looks To Highlight His Creative Side

The people of Colorado and the lacrosse community across the U.S. know the name of Jon Urbana through his ultra successful Next Level Lacrosse camps, which are held each year. However, in recent times the business executive has been looking to show the world other sides of his personality with an increase in the artistic pursuits of the businessperson hitting the Internet.

Urbana spends the majority of his working life blogging┬áto push forward his impressive lacrosse camps and the Ellipse USA business he markets as the head of Business. These activities take up a large amount of time in Urbana’s life, particularly the Laser hair removal and skin therapies offered by Ellipse; Jon Urbana has recently been keen to show off his artistic skills with his photography and music taking center stage.

Jon Urbana is well known for his days as a lacrosse standout at both college and professional levels. The skills as a photographer he has developed over the course of his life also take up a large amount of the time of Jon Urbana away from his business work and can be viewed on the many social media sites like Twitter that Urbana publishes his work to. Urbana’s photography is obviously influenced by many of the fashion photographers he references on his blogs, which also feature a wide range of nature and food photography Urbana has produced over the last few years.

The artistic side of the life of Jon Urbana has also been expanding in recent years to include a large commitment in time and effort made to producing music. Urbana has been known to friends and family members as a guitar player, but he has now extended his range of musical activities to include electronic music. Although the equipment available to Urbana was basic when he made his first steps into original electronic music and remixes he has continued to develop his skills to make his work available to all via social media sites.



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