Exclusive Interview With King Of Pop Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Take one look at Sergio Cortes and you will instantly recognize the way he dress, he way he talks, the way he walks, and the way he interacts with fans. If you didn’t know any better, you would think you are looking at the legend Michael Jackson himself reincarnated from the grave. Take one look at the

One only need look at Sergio Cortes to instantly associate him with a legend. This ability has earned him the chance to perform his act to live audiences around the globe. Currently if you stop by his Facebook page, you could connect with him and become one of his 16,000 followers. Through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Sergio Cortes is able to showcase his amazing abilities, upload his latest videos, even talk with all his fans around the world.

If you are interested in following Sergio Cortes on Facebook or on Twitter.
Sergio Cortes says that even though he might look identical to Michael Jackson, the job of an impersonator is extremely challenging to say the least. Spend some time interacting with Sergio Cortes on his social media profile pages and you will be quick to realize that this is a passion in his life for sure.
Sergio is only 43 years young, born July 30th, and was thrown into the spotlight at a very early age like his idol. It was his mother who remarked he had a similarity to the pop legend, and made him take some pictures. Those pictures were the catalyst that started Sergio on the path he travels today. Today Sergio Cortes receives invitations to perform around the world, appearing on the highly popular American Idol tour!

“It’s harder when you incorporate the good withe bad of your subject, you have to know everything about him. Michael has had a big impact on me and my life, “says Sergio. Sergio Cortes has learned to deal with the pain of losing his idol with the help of fans around the world.

Source: R7.com

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  1. Alison Chevy says:

    Facebook fan page for Sergio Cortes, and you will have the capacity to perceive his uncanny capacity to imitate the ruler of pop. Sergio says this and also Rush essay writing services is no little assignment pulling off that look. He says that playing Michael Jackson is a flat out benefit and his approach to keep the soul alive.