Sergio Cortes Has Won The Hearts Of Many Michael Jackson Fans

There are very few celebrity impersonators that really capture the essence of the entertainer. Sergio Cortez started impersonating Michael Jackson when MJ was still with the original Jackson 5. When Sergio was just a child, his mother told him how much he resembled the famous singer. Sergio started taking his resemblance to Michael Jackson seriously, when the king of pop became an international celebrity. Cortez admits he started paying closer attention to the way MJ moved, walked, danced and sang. On, Sergio talks about how he began to see Michael as a different person than what was usually portrayed on television.

Sergio Cortes was born in Spain in 1971. He was just a teenager when a local journalist asked him to pose as Micheal Jackson for a photo shoot. The photos were published and Sergio became an instant hit. He started receiving requests from people to dress as Michael for various appearances and events. Sergio has come a long way from just dressing like Michael to actually performing like him. On followers can read all about his rise to fame and his passion for performing. Sergio works hard to recreate the same dynamic performances given by the late great celebrity.

Sergio Cortes thrills fans with his impeccable impersonation of Michael Jackson. He dresses in the same classic clothes worn by the late singer. He copies all of Michael’s dance moves perfectly, including his famous moonwalk. Sergio has become such a hit with audiences he has acquired a huge fan base, which can be seen by the number of people who follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Even people who were big fans of Michael’s when he was alive, say they thoroughly enjoy watching the performances by Sergio, because of how closely he resembles MJ. Loyal fans of Michael Jackson have stated; Sergio Cortes is by far the best Michael Jackson impersonator they have seen.

People who do not live in regions where Sergio gives live performances can still catch his act by watching one of the videos available on the Internet. There is a tribute to Michael Jackson video where Sergio performs the hit song Black and White, dressed in Michael’s classic white shirt and black pants. The way Sergio captures the essence of MJ in this video is amazing.

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