Interesting Comments From Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes

There are few celebrities as well loved as the late Michael Jackson. The legend of this great pop star lives on in the mementos he left behind. In a recent discussion with one of the most well-known Michael Jackson impersonators Sergio Cortes, new information about MJ’s famous glove was revealed. Mr. Cortes has studied the life and career of Michael Jackson since he decided to start impersonating this beloved superstar. Sergio revealed Michael’s wishes for his famous sequined glove, which included having a portrait painted that would rival those of such famous individuals as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. People can find more information on this discussion with Sergio Cortes on Direito Negocios.

The Beginning of a Great Career

Sergio Cortes has become such a sensation as a Michael Jackson impersonator, he has been featured in many articles about entertainment. The article featured on R7 Noticias, describes how Mr. Cortes got his start as a Michael Jackson Look-alike. During the time Michael was performing with his brothers in their family group The Jackson Five, Sergio’s mother recognized the similarity in their appearance. As Sergio moved into his teens, his amazing resemblance to the King of Pop, did not go unnoticed by local photographers. Dressing like Michael Jackson and posing for photos, soon led Sergio to make a life altering decision. Sergio didn’t just want to look like Michael Jackson, he wanted to sound and move like him too.

Sergio confided in his interview for the entertainment article, that he started noting the small details associated with Michael’s performances. He watched the way Michael carried himself on stage and the way he transitioned into the different dance moves that gained him world-wide recognition. The time spent studying the details of Michael’s performances has paid off big time for Sergio Cortes. As an adult in his forties, Sergio draws huge crowds to his shows, where he recreates many of Michael’s famous songs, complete with dance routines. His performances are so realistic he has been invited to perform in countries across the globe, where he is billed as an American singing idol.

Today, fans can follow Sergio on Facebook and Twitter, where he has over 16,000 loyal fans who follow him. Loyal fans can communicate their comments directly to Sergio via these two social networking websites. The live shows Sergio performs has brought solace to many of Michael’s fans after his passing in 2009.

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