Beneful Is Leading the Gourmet Market

In food markets today, we all care about how our food is produced and what ingredients have been incorporated. It seems that general health concerns are of ever-increasing importance to the average consumer, as this healthy trend isn’t projected to stop growing. Dog foods of today are becoming increasingly gourmet, made of ingredients fit for human food.

Most all dog food producers have made multiple entries to the gourmet dog food market, at least those keeping up with the times are. Freshpet, formerly producing nothing but regular dog food, has recently entered the gourmet market with refrigerated foods. One of their premier lines, Vital Raw, gives pets a taste of the ever-popular Paleo diet. Vital Raw may seem more trendy than functional, but dogs eating Paleo diets have a natural, complete nutritional profile.

Beneful produces dry and wet dog foods catered to provide dogs with food made of the same ingredients human food contains. Beneful’s line of Prepared Meals on Purinastore mimics dishes that humans eat, such as beef and chicken stews. Beneful’s premier line of Chopped Blends are made of diced meats and vegetables suspended in a light, savory sauce. Purina has truly brought Beneful to the forefront of the gourmet dog food market.

Cesar’s line of Home Delights features lasagna and beef stroganoff, made of the same ingredients a restaurant would prepare their dishes with. Nutro Farm has special blends made of cranberries and blueberries frozen at the point of collection. Whether or not a brand takes steps this far in producing gourmet dog food, most brands are following the trend of increased quality.

Created and owned by parent company Purina, Beneful is made with a mastered blend of real ingredient: proteins are never made from powders, and vegetables are guaranteed fresh. Beneful uses meats like lamb, turkey, and salmon that other gourmet dog foods typically don’t contain. Dog owners who try Beneful usually find that dogs love Beneful the most. Independent third-party studies have also shown that most lines of Beneful are chosen first before other brands’ mixes are.



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