Engagement Rings in Technicolor


It’s springtime, the bird’s are chirping, the air is getting warmer, and chances are that you know someone who is recently or soon-to-be getting engaged. According to this Buzzfeed article, colored engagement rings have many advantages over their traditional counterparts. Colored rings have a unique feel to them. If you go to a large chain jewelry store and purchase a traditional diamond, will someone, somewhere have the same ring? Probably. Engagement rings with a pop of color set you apart from the crowd. Stones that have some color look dramatic in a fun, carefree kind of way.

They can also give off that popular vintage vibe. Bright colors draw the eye, and who doesn’t want a conversation piece on their left ring finger? Overall, if you choose a colored engagement ring over the basic style, you can expect that it will be a refreshing fashion move that will make you the envy of your friends.
Even if you are nowhere near the engagement process, JustFab.com does have a wide variety of accessories that are unique to your own personal style. You can make a statement with a new piece of brightly colored statement jewelry from this website, so head on over and start turning heads with some brightly colored bling on your fingers! Follow them on Pinterest and get coupon codes on RetailMeNot 🙂

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