George Soros on Trump

Billionaire investor George Soros mentioned that he thought Donald Trump was doing the work of ISIS last week. Soros is considered an influential figure in the democratic party and has an interesting back ground. He survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary in World War 2 and fled Communism to the west. He went to work on Wall Street, where he made a large amount of money . He was also famous for making a large amount of money against the Bank of England.

George Soros has also been involved in philanthropic causes, such as helping black students attend college in apartheid South Africa. He has an also commented on issues within the European Union. He also advocated migrants rights and could be influential in the 2016 election.

He also thinks the latest issues with ISIS are more driven by fear rather than rational thinking and believes that Donald Trump is capitalizing on this. Soros cautions that we should be wary of politicians who do things such as capitalizing on fear.

Soros is considered an authority on the global economy and certainly has investing prowess. He likely divides opinions and is well known figure. He has written books on the European Union and the global financial markets. He believes that quantitative easing in response to the financial issues of 2008 were necessary and helpful. He believes that is not currently the best time to buy stocks and believes that it is a seller’s market.

He therefore believes that he understands the global financial markets are undergoing a period of adjustment and is short currencies of commodity producing countries. Soros therefore is an interesting figure who has a knowledge of the markets and global politics. He tends to be pro-democratic and it is interesting to see what he will do after his views on Donald Trump.

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