Monthly Archives: March 2016

Igor Cornelsen Gives Expert Advice on Investing in Brazil

All too often, amateur investors jump into the stock market thinking that it is nothing more than a lottery, or a gambling game. This is a financially dangerous thought process, and not a path that an intelligent investor ever chooses … Continue reading

George Soros Empowers the Latino Vote

  George Soros is a Democratic supporter with very deep pockets. He is the 30th richest person in the world and he is deeply involved in politics. In March of 2016 Soros donated $5 million dollars of his own money … Continue reading

Kyle Bass Makes Ethically Challenging Decisions

Is it ethical to shoot fish in a barrel? Is it ethical to make money from the misfortune of others? Is it ethical to use the sick in such a way that your bank account increases in size? No, none … Continue reading

Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes Said The Zika Virus Outbreak Is A International Public Health Emergency

The Zika virus is moving faster than a speeding bullet. The World Health Organization thinks more than 4 million people will be infected by the virus in 2016. If Brazil is any indication, that estimate is low. More than a … Continue reading