George Soros Empowers the Latino Vote


George Soros is a Democratic supporter with very deep pockets. He is the 30th richest person in the world and he is deeply involved in politics. In March of 2016 Soros donated $5 million dollars of his own money to a super PAC fund that is designed to help Latino’s to vote. Soros who is no stranger to politics knows how important it is to have Latino voters out at the polls.

The Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC is group of pro-immigrant organizations that is dedicated to immigration reform in America. These organizations have been in place for years pushing for big changes to the current immigration system within America. Soros knows how important this particular group of people are to the election process.

Historically, Latino voter turnout at the polls has always been low. This trend started to change during the 1990s when more Latino people were entrenched within society. President Bill Clinton had used the Latino vote to help secure his office in 1992 and then once again in 1996.

During the early and middle 2000’s many more Latino’s were being settled into American society. Though the Republicans held the White House under President George W Bush; many more Latino voters tried to make difference in the election process.

According to New York Times, latino voting power had significantly increased in 2008 when many more Latinos citizens voted to put President Barack Obama into office. They also came out once again in 2012 to do the same thing. Now, in 2016, Democrats are relying on more voting age Latino people to get out and vote. George Soros wants to ensure that many more Latino’s have this opportunity. This is a big reason why is supporting the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC.

This particular super PAC is designed to register and inform at least 400,000 young Latino voters about the current presidential candidates and why it is important for them to vote. The organizations that are a part of this super PAC will begin their efforts to reach new voters starting sometime around May.

George Soros is confident that this super PAC will secure the Latino vote and quite possibly get Hillary Clinton to the White House. The New York Times has more information about George Soros and his support for Latino voters through the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC.

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