Kyle Bass Makes Ethically Challenging Decisions

Is it ethical to shoot fish in a barrel? Is it ethical to make money from the misfortune of others? Is it ethical to use the sick in such a way that your bank account increases in size? No, none of these things are ethical; but the thing about ethics is, public opinion can be unethically swayed with relative ease, given the right connections. Kyle Bass has those connections, and he used them to get a national platform prior America’s 2008 financial meltdown. When Bass predicted that meltdown from his platform, suddenly everyone listened to him and trusted his decisions as financially savvy. Bass has continued to make predictions and mete out financial advice; but much of that advice is spurious, and his predictions haven’t landed nearly so often as many expected given his 2008 debut. Though 2008’s prediction was technically Bass triumphing at the loss of others, since those others were rich stockbrokers and bankers, many missed the underlying ugliness of Bass’ success. Where people are starting to notice it in the mainstream is via CAD.

Bass started CAD with the ostensible aim of humanely decreasing the cost of pharmaceutical medication. The idea was that these people are already sick, why hit them twice with austere costs? So with such a presentation Bass was able to use his position and assets to garner support. Through CAD, Bass got petitions signed and lawsuits filed, and successfully managed to decrease the cost on a number of big-ticket pharmaceuticals’ products. This lowered their stock, of which Bass had substantial holdings. He short-sold his holdings at the right time and made millions. The sick got cheaper drugs, Kyle made some money–everybody wins, right? Wrong. Because the pharmaceutical companies in question lost profit, sometimes as much as ninety percent of that expected, and so had no choice but to cut unnecessary divisions from their profit margin. When the profit margin decreases, so does its financial penumbra. Ergo, wings like Research and Development have been excised from many pharmaceuticals’ budget, meaning advances that could save the infirm are effectively halted.

All this is on top of Bass’ regular association with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of Argentina. De Kirchner has defaulted Argentina twice in only thirteen years, but Bass never stops supporting her. This sounds like a classic clutch of socialists; but there’s too much money and power involved to take them frivolously.

Kyle Bass continues to make predictions and give advice from his national platform, and it’s very likely what he says is informed from a perspective that vets socialist economies. With this in mind, it only makes sense to treat his words as such, and not fall into his further market manipulations.  Read the full piece at

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