Monthly Archives: April 2016

George Soros Proposes a Humane Solution to the EU Refugee Crisis

Financier and philanthropist George Soros has proposed an intriguing plan to solve the European Union’s current refugee crisis. It comes none too soon. As thousands upon thousands of desperate asylum seekers risk life and limb to cross from the Middle … Continue reading

Laidlaw & Company – Generating Wealth Like a Partner Organization

When you consider the general volatility of the stock market, you already know how difficult it can be to try and tuck significant amounts of wealth away over the long haul without ever being guaranteed a true return. When some … Continue reading

Mergers & Acquisitions with Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital specializes in advisory services that facilitates asset managers in creating value. With a team experienced in dealing with structuring merger and acquisitions, and an appreciation for the importance that people provide to a corporation, Madison Street Capital … Continue reading