George Soros Proposes a Humane Solution to the EU Refugee Crisis

Financier and philanthropist George Soros has proposed an intriguing plan to solve the European Union’s current refugee crisis. It comes none too soon. As thousands upon thousands of desperate asylum seekers risk life and limb to cross from the Middle East into Europe on, political figures such as Hungary’s Viktor Orban are proposing plans to seal the borders of individual countries and deprive refugees of their basic human rights.

George Soros’ plan appeared recently as an opinion page at Market Watch. Concerned that the refugees were the true victims of the crisis, Soros stressed that Europe needs a single policy for dealing with thousands of immigrants crossing its borders. Such a policy must apply to the entire European Union, and there must not be separate sets of policies developed under anxiety-filled conditions in each of its constituent members. Moreover, such a policy on must be true to the basic values of the EU, and so must be based upon a profound belief in basic human rights. Indeed, the current situation has turned into a crisis precisely because such a general policy has been lacking. Furthermore, the crisis must be seen in global terms, not as a problem limited to the continent of Europe but one that deserves the attention and oversight of the United Nations. To this end George Soros proposed six basic steps for rectifying the current situation. First, the EU must commit to accepting at least one million refugees each year and to allowing them as far as possible to settle where they want to. Individual member countries would be compensated for this burden through money raised by the sale of bonds. As a second step, the EU should provide financial support to Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan, countries already supporting millions of refugees within their borders. Next, the EU itself must set up a single agency and border guard for dealing with the movement of migrants, thus preventing the current unstable and dangerous preventive measures being taken by member states. Furthermore, the current crisis must motivate a positive outcome: the creation of a global standard for dealing with refugees. And finally, the EU needs to take advantage of the technical and humanitarian contributions of nongovernmental agencies on such as churches, businesses, and charity organizations. With such a policy in place, the EU will be able to deal with the current chaos in a rational and humane manner.

As head of the Open Society Foundation and himself a native of Hungary, George Soros has been outspoken in his concerns over the economic and human impact of the current European situation. Having become one of the world’s wealthiest financiers through Soros Fund Management, he has spent considerable time, money, energy, and intellect on a number of liberal causes on a global scale. Since its founding in 1993, Soros’ Open Society Foundation has issued billions of dollars in grants to groups around the world who work actively for justice, human rights, education, and transparency in government. The Foundation’s expressed goal of creating and supporting democratic governments throughout the world is apparent in its founder’s current position on the European Union’s refugee crisis.

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