Beneful foods

Well as a mother of four dogs all I can say is Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful is a number one product in my home. My oldest dog Sammy is a bit over weight at his 13 year old stature and enjoys every day the Beneful Healthy weight chicken which is helping him keep up with his other three companions. My little lady enjoys the original blend in the chicken as well and she is as sharp as can be.
The younger dogs do enjoy the chicken with carrots, tomatoes and avocados for almost a year now and then little Bella started to break out with a skin rash and constant itching. The great people at the pet shop let us know that some short hair dogs have allergies to chicken. We then started her on the Beneful Salmon dinner and little Bella has never been happier with no more itching or any skin irritating and her brother Hersey still enjoys his chicken and carrots.

Beneful has such a great variety of dog food they sell on groceries like Wal-Mart. All of my animals have truly enjoyed the beneful life even if we have had to explore around a bit. I thank beneful for taking the time to care about all our dogs and all the problems we can encounter as pet owners with the feeding problems. I know that not every dog has food allergies but if you do encounter a pet with a itching or any kind of allergic reaction, please try the Beneful treats ( too. They can be such a life savor for your pet and your family. Thanks Beneful!

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