Chua’s Success: By the Numbers

In 2008, many businessmen and journalists were critical of Chua’s business model for OrganoGold. They believed that OrganoGold would earn high returns for a brief period before it lost popularity. Based on OrganoGold’s sustained earnings, these critics were wrong on all accounts. In 2010, Bernardo Chua’s OrganoGold enterprise consisted of 60,000 distributors. By the end of 2010, OrganoGold had earned $35 million. While these figures were impressive, OrganoGold continued to expand. By 2015, the OrganoGold network had over one million distributors. These distributors helped OrganoGold earn over $800 million in revenue.

The impressive earnings of OrganoGold are caused by the diversity of both distributors and products. Since OrganoGold sells coffee, tea, and herbs, distributors are able to target consumers that prefer healthy options. As the network expands, distributors can access more consumers, and the profits of OrganoGold increase. This results in a domino effect of sales.

The success of OrganoGold also stems from the low cost of entry to the OrganoGold enterprise for distributors. Many distributors enter the network for less than $50. This low entry cost is also offset by daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly payments for successful distributors. These immediate rewards for OrganoGold’s distributors ensure that the network operates as meritocracy; there are strong incentives for successful distributors to sell on a regular basis.
Why is Bernardo Chua Successful?

Bernardo Chua has used his understanding of human nature, economics, and the business world to build networks of buyers and sellers. The success of OrganoGold comes directly from Chua’s committment to:
Honoring agreements
Rewarding dedicated distributors
Communicating goals

In 2015, Chua was recognized for his success when he was awarded five People’s Choice and Dangal ng Bayan awards at at a ceremony in the Philippines. He was recognized for networking skills, sales, and the overall success of OrganoGold. After he received his awards, Bernardo used the ceremony as an opportunity to recognize the top OrganoGold distributors of 2014. This action of brilliant humility explains how OrganoGold’s network has expanded over the years.

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