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Chef Patrick Ponsaty is an acclaimed chef. The Frenchman looks at the hillsides of Escondido, which are stony and thinks of home. He has hopes of transforming the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. The place has event space and Patrick caters on Bellamy’s behalf, his restaurant in downtown Escondido. The restaurant has a lovely 1880s adobe erection and a menu boasting Patrick’s refined.

In 2012, Patrick earned the prestigious title of Meilleurs Ouvrier de France. The fact that the soft-spoken Frenchman chef was able to climb to celebrity status is enticing. The ranch already has the thrill of a master chef preparing delicious meals in an authentic hole in the wall.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

You will enjoy Beatles playing a set at your roadhouse. Soon, there will be a redesign of plain and dated dining room. The menu is perfect and inspired. On the dessert menu, you will find pastry head and shoulders. When Ponsaty is asked the common question of how he describes his style of cuisine, he laughs and says it is French. On his menu, you will also find Spanish hare, farm beet sorbet, local mushrooms and sea scallops which are seasons turn.

The classic cooking by Patrick defined him during his tenure in El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn. The understated chef got a ranking of third overall worldwide in 2003 in Paris in the national trophy of pastry and cuisine. Patrick collaborates with Bellamy’s on all aspects including the Ranch.

Ponsaty quietly moved to other lauded businesses like Coronado Bay Resort and La Bastide. Gianina Pickens was a fun of Ponsaty, and he gave Patrick what he has always been carving for over his career.

About Brian Bonar

Brian is a popular finance officer. Brian Bonar is the leader of Trucept Incorporated. Brian has business leadership background after serving as a leader in leading forms like Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is well conversant with finance and has experience in entrepreneurship.

If you are in need of improving your marketing skills, finding funds, restructuring companies or starting a firm reach out to Brian for assistance. Brian Bonar has worked in imaging technology, printing, sales, hardware and software development and financial services among others. He got the Who’s Who award in America in 2000. Bonar likes playing golf, spending time with his family and going on boating trips.

Brian attributes his success to his technical background. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering. Brian graduated from James Watt Technical College then proceeded to do a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated from Stafford University with his master’s degree.

Bonar was an employee at IBM where he worked as a procurement manager then left for Adaptec to become a sales manager. After getting his experience, Bonar started his firm known as Bezier Systems. Brian Bonar specializes in mergers and acquisitions.

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