Solo Capital – Founder Sanjay Shah

As an active philanthropist, entrepreneur and businessman, Sanjay Shah has become a very busy man who has created a very successful business. Solo Capital was originated in September 2011 and grew to the million dollar market within a matter of five years. In early 2016, the proprietary trading and consulting firm had an estimated net worth in the millions. The success of the company allowed Shah to take a back seat to the company and concentrate on other areas of interest. However, he worked very hard to make the company successful. It is headquartered in London, but has offices in the surrounding areas and in Dubai. With over thirty nine offices working to employ thousands of employees, he definitely had his hands full. He started the company on a whim, after quitting his successful accounting job. He hired a few college graduates and trading partners to help him get the business up and running. He now employs thousands of employees who are helping to make the business a success.

Shah started his career in the medical industry studying to become a doctor. He moved with his family from Kenya into Central London to attend King’s College. It didn’t take him long to discover that wasn’t something he wanted to do, and switched his major to the financial side of things. He graduated with his accounting degree and went on to work for some of the world’s major financial and banking businesses. He gained a lot of knowledge and created his own companies with his gains. As Solo Capital grew, he was able to retire and focus on a charity that was and is very dear to his hear.

Autism Rocks was founded in 2014 by Sanjay Shah and has helped raise funds for the neurological condition, autism. His youngest son was the age of two in 2011, and was diagnosed with the condition. Since then, Shah has wanted to help in some way. That’s when Autism Rocks evolved and has been able to raise funds and donated money to universities as well as programs that help raise awareness for the condition.


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