Duda Melzer Chairman of Grupo RBS

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a businessman from Brazil who has been involved in the media industry. Over the course of his career, he has held a number of top management positions and is currently the Chairman of Grupo RBS. He is the leader of two companies named Grupo RBS and e.Bricks. These two companies have established themselves as two of the top businesses in their respective industries. Melzer has therefore established himself as one of the most prominent business leaders in all of Brazil. His career spans 18 years in which he has moved up the ranks in his companies and succeeded two of his relatives.

Duda Melzer would first get his education in order to help advance his career. He first attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul where he would complete a degree in Business Administration in the year 1998. Melzer would eventually complete a Master’s degree in business administration from Harvard University as well. With this educational background, he would have the knowledge and credentials to help him get top positions at the companies he worked at.

Once Melzer completed his education, he would then begin his career in the business world. At the beginning of his career, he would hold various positions in finance as well as franchising. He would eventually advance up the ranks and get to high level positions in these fields. After holding these positions, he would then get involved in consulting and worked at the firm Booz Allen & Hamilton. Duda would work in the United States for companies such as Delphi Corporation and Box Top Media. Melzer would eventually return to Brazil and begin working for Grupo RBS where he would hold position such as vice president and CEO where he succeeded his uncle. By the year 2016, Duda would become the Chairman of Grupo RBS and lead the Board of Directors of the company. As well as holding high level management positions, Duda would also win a number of awards to prove his excellence in business.

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