Eric Pulier Makes Disabilities Easier To Deal With

Everyone who is in school and deals with a disability has to get technology that will help them get through each class, but that was not always the case. My kids were in school when Eric Pulier started People Doing Things and gave out adaptive tools that helped kids in all the classes. I saw these things work really well for every kid, and I was so happy to find out that each of these kids was able to graduate given the technology that was provided to them by Eric Pulier. He has been able to help a lot of kids, and he still applies that information to the work that he does to this day.

He works on the X Prize committee helping with the technology that people are creating to get into space, and that is just the same as what NASA was doing a couple decades ago. Eric Pulier is an innovator on the level of NASA, and he has helped kids just as much as he has been able to help kids with their disabilities.

I am able to see my son do well to this day using some of the same technology that was given to us by Eric Pulier, and I know that he is doing very well because school was made just a little easier for him. I have always been impressed with the people like Eric Pulier who are able to do this work, and he has been able to get the help that is needed for a lot of people who have challenges. The challenges that people have are no longer so bad because they are using techniques and technology that was given by Eric Pulier. His work in the 90s even helps people to this day because of Eric Pulier’s skill.

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