Eric Pulier, The Compassionate Technology Expert

Eric Pulier is a compassionate technology savvy who has accomplished a lot. The entrepreneur has funded, founded and co-founded many ventures. The father of four has been involved in enterprises such as Service Mesh, Desktone, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (T M Forum), Digital Evolution, Media Platform, U.S Interactive and Akana. He studied at Teaneck High School and later graduated from Harvard University with a BA in1988.

The venture capitalist funds startups in technology and media and he is involved in many charitable acts. He uses technology to solve problems for physically impaired kids or communities that have economical challenges. Eric Pulier is a US Doctors for Africa Honoree for his technical healthcare innovations in Africa. The philanthropist is associated with Multimedia Educational Programs which helped the Multiple Sclerosis Society. He has supported Starlight Foundation by donating capital and overseeing various projects. The foundation launched computer learning modules for children with diabetes. The game enables children to see their blood sugar levels and how a diet affects their health. Through animation and music, the game provides an informative and fun journey into the world of diabetic kids.

Pulier supports Ace Foundation in building software that is applied to humanity’s challenges such as in the distribution of clean drinking water. He is associated with The Painted Turtle a summer camp that supports children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. He is also involved in XPrize Foundation which encourages technology development that benefits humans. Individuals, companies, groups and organizations are involved in the competitions where they showcase their innovations. The public speaker supports Campaign for Free College Tuition which seeks free college education to all Americans. He is involved in Clinton Global Initiative where programs that provide cloud-computing resources to under-served societies are initiated.

Pulier has been recognized as one of the 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Business. He oversaw Bridge to 21st Century, an exhibition that showcased the effects of technology now and in the future. He managed the event and supervised the shipping and set up of equipment and technology. Pulier is an author, and his mastery was sharpened when he was at Harvard where he was an editor and a columnist for the Harvard Crimson Weekly. He co-authored Understanding Enterprises SOA with Hugh Taylor in 2005.

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