John Goullet’s Commitment to Entrepreneurship and Growth

John Goullet is the head of DIVERSANT, an African American corporation that provides IT solutions as well as staffing in the United States. Under his leadership, two businesses, Info Technologies Inc. and Diversant merged to be DIVERSANT LLC. Founded on his areas of specialization, the company has over the years provided its services from the backdrop of an understanding of the corporate environment as well as his clients’ needs. It is through his visionary leadership that the company has experienced continued growth to become an award winning organization. In addition, through his capable leadership, Inc. 500 has twice recognized DIVERSANT as the nation’s fastest growing private corporations. He is also well versed with the emerging markets that have seen him maintain desirable growth over the years.

By placing business stakeholders’ interests under high regard, Goullet has developed a culture of commitment to high-quality service. From this background, he has managed to develop products as well as services that are innovative as well as change-oriented. With a personal dedication to growth, he has ensured that diversity is one of the pillars that define his successes. Despite not having any African descent, his company has embraced diversity with a dedication to African American clients and communities, which they mainly serve.

As the principle at DIVERSANT, Goullet ensures that services to his choice of mid-market as well as Fortune 500 clients. Under his guidance and that of other senior executives, the company has taken up industry leaders to be part of the innovative team that is behind DIVERSANT’s successes.

With over a decade and a half in the helm of leadership of the company, Goullet has grown its revenues as well as wealth. From such experiences, it has managed to continue clinching lucrative engagements that are a sure way of ensuring its continued growth. The passion for developing solutions to new challenges mainly in the IT marketplace is the force that continues inspiring his dedication as well as expanding the company’s presence. With Best-In-Class as the underlying methodology, Goullet continues to guide DIVERSANT through its commitment to excellence in IT staffing and Solutions.

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