Kenneth Goodgame’s Impact on True Value

Kenneth Goodgame came to True Value in 2013. The company was just recovering from the drastic effects of the economic crisis that rocked the world between 2008 and 2009. The company needed individuals with vast experience in market analysis to enable it create a strong market presence.

According to HBSDealer, Kenneth Goodgame’s impressive track record characterized by over three decades of experience was a crucial necessity the company could not afford to miss. His presence in True Value was treated with high esteem from the board of directors to the employees. He immediately became a dominant figure in profit and loss department. He is currently the senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer in the Chicago- based firm.

Kenneth Goodgame is a rich man when it comes to experience. He has worked in over ten companies since he began his career as a market analyst. He started his management role in 1995 when he was appointed the Head of Marketing Unit at Product Merchant. He then joined Proprietary Brands and worked there as the director between 1999 and 2001.

In 2002, he was appointed the Senior Global Merchant for Home Depot, an Atlanta-based company with branches spread across the globe. Goodgame left Home Depot to work with Newell Rubbermaid the same year. He worked at Newell Rubbermaid for five years as the Senior VP Marketing and Sales. From 2008 to 2010, he was at Techtronic Industries as the head of Baja Motorsports and Direct Factory outlets. Ken later came to Ace Hardware Corporation before joining True Value in 2013.

Kenneth is an embodiment of success. He is a role model to many people including upcoming entrepreneurs and young leaders. He believes in hard work and excellent customer service. His tenacity and vision guide him as he tries to make changes in corporate alignment and enhance employee engagement.

His vast experience gives him an upper hand in navigating the markets and avoiding costly mistakes. Like many successful leaders in the marketing industry, Kenneth Goodgame had to get a platform on which he could practice and train to become a qualified marketer. The University of Tennessee became the platform on which he gained the power to read and be a useful member of the society. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

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