Raj Fernando is an extremely successful investor

The financial industry is filled with talented experts. These experts are talented at putting in hours of work on a regular basis and at seeing patterns that others would miss. One of the top experts in the financial industry today is Raj Fernando.

Raj Fernando started working on the trading floor in Chicago when he was still in college. He loved volunteering on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and he knew that he wanted to work there during his career. When Raj graduated he started working on the floor of the exchange fulltime. He spent most of his early career working at both the Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. He managed to work his way up various positions from 1991 to 2001. Raj learned a great deal working on the floor, but he was ready to build his own business.

In 2002, Raj opened his own firm, Chopper Trading. Chopper Trading quickly grew under Raj’s expert leadership. Eventually, the firm employed over 250 people. The firm trades on the NASDAQ, CME, ICE, Eurex, LSE, and other major exchanges. Fernando loves building his own firm.

While Raj spends most of his time working on Chopper Trading he also spends a great deal of time focusing on his work with the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission. He helps promote their mission of building open and transparent markets. Raj knows that these markets benefit all parties in the long run, and is willing to commit a great deal of time towards promoting them. Raj was a featured panelist in 2010 when he discussed disruptive trading practices.

Raj enjoys his work with Chopper Trading, but he also likes to branch out. In 2016, Raj started another business, Scoutahead. Scoutahead is designed to help improve corporate and professional growth by putting quality communication systems in place. The company is already starting to grow, and Raj is enthusiastic about the future.

The markets are rapidly recovering and the wisest investors are sure to rise to the top. Raj Fernando intends to keep reaping profits for years to come because he puts his time and energy into everything he does.

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