Talk Fusion Claims Prestigious Award For Video Chat

Early in 2016, Talk Fusion launched an innovative application called Video Chat. Only a few after being on the market, this app claimed the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. Such an accolade is given out on an annual basis by the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), which is a reputable enterprise in the IT sector of North America. The TMC closely analyzes companies that offer cutting-edge telecommunication solutions at affordable prices.

Talk Fusion developed the latest edition of the Video Chat app via the WebRTC platform. This communication app is very popular because it is compatible with just about any internet-enabled device. Users can easily install Video Chat on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Additionally, the app can be downloaded on the world’s most popular virtual marketplaces such as Google Play and Apple iTunes. In today’s mobile age, it’s absolutely essential for apps to have cross-platform compatibility. Talk Fusion surely understands how to reach out to a massive audience in search of mobile-friendly apps.

In reaction to claiming the award, Talk Fusion’s CEO said that he’s looking forward to launching many more innovative IT solutions that are similar to the Video Chat. More specifically, he hopes to develop a versatile video marketing platform. The company’s Chief Technical Officer also praised the work ethic and innovative spirit of his fellow employees.

After making some drastic changes to its website and offering some new products, Talk Fusion surely deserves all of the recognition it has received in 2016. Earlier in the year, the company was excited about offering a product called Free Trials, which is a type of WebRTC Recorder. In the future, Talk Fusion has plans to offer free limited trials on its new apps.

In 2007, Bob Reina established Talk Fusion with the hope of delivering video marketing solutions to the American marketplace. Since then, this company has established a strong international presence in dozens of nations seeking the latest digital advertising tools. Talk Fusion is also proud to offer 30-day trials on many of its products that appeal to businesses as well as individuals worldwide.

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