Working with Eric Pulier is a Great Pleasure

I’ve spent many years of my life working hard in the technology field. During this time, I’ve seen it constantly grow and change. I’ve learned that it is best to stay close to those who can provide the kind of leadership necessary for the institution to expand to meet the needs of people in the United States and all over the world. This is why I been so happy to work with¬†Eric Pulier. Pulier is a dedicated professional who knows a great deal about all aspects of the technological field. He also knows exactly how to make sure that people are able to make effective use of this industry in order to do things they need to get done each day.

Close Together

My work with him began early in our career when I realized that he was someone I could rely on to help me figure out how best to use the technological innovations in front of us. We started together with a company that he called People Doing Things. The company was one that we knew that we could get off the ground and reach out to people and clients to help them get access to the kind of services we knew could benefit them in life. Working with him in this project was great fun as well as a highly informative experience.

Since Then

Since that time, I’ve been able to work with Eric Pulier on several additional projects of all kinds. I’ve found that it is easy to work with him as he brings a real understanding of the needs of all people with him. He is devoted to helping people learn how to integrate technological innovations into their own lives. I saw this in person firsthand in so many ways when I watched as he was tapped to help create the Presidential Technology Exhibit in our capital in 1997. So many people in the audience came with me and saw as he showed us a world of technology that has been at our feet. We all came away with a feeling of great awe.

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