An Intro to Investment Banking

In the field of finance, one of the most well known parts of it is investment banking. This is the part of finance that deals with increasing capital and stock value. Investment banking provides a few ways of assisting companies. They often provide mergers and acquisitions that help combine the resource of multiple companies. There is also research which entails gathering information about the economy, stock values and industries. Trading consists of buying and selling capital in order to make more money for the companies. With a combination of these services, investment banking firms are able to help a number of large companies experience more prosperity.

Investment banking has a number of people who provide expertise and assistance to clients that is very valuable. In corporate finance, there are analysts who go over stock values, make forecasts and then put together pitchbooks for presentation. Associates supervise analysts and help make presentations during meetings. There are also the vice presidents who meet with clients in person to make presentations for potential deals. Managing directors are the individuals who manage the entire firm. In other departments there are traders who buy and sell securities and research specialists who spend time gathering information about economic trends.

Martin Lustgarten is a finance professional who currently manages a small boutique firm in Florida. Unlike the larger investment banking firms, Martin helps small companies and individuals better manage their finances. He helps small companies get the capital they need in order reach their goals such as expansion. Along with providing referrals sources of funding, Martin helps these companies by providing advice on how to best manage their finances and allocate them properly.

While Martin often helps small companies, he assists a number of individuals as well. Lustgarten often provides finance and investment advice to people on a regular basis. He often gives them guidance on what to invest in and how to best save for their retirement. Martin spends a lot of his time researching securities to find the ones that will most benefit his clients. With a combination of his knowledge and work ethic, Martin has been able to help clients get the most out of their financial management.

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