Eric Pulier Was Still Young When He Started The Ball Rolling For Success

When Eric Pulier was still young and in his elementary schooling days, he began showing his interest and capabilities in technology. He was already learning to program and build computers before the age of 10. Eric Pulier talent was supported by his ambition, and he even went on to start up his own computer database company while he was still working through high school.

After completing his basic education, Eric Pulier went on to attend the prestigious Harvard University, where he earned degrees in both English and Literature. Eric aimed to succeed, and always put his best foot forward in order to exceed expectations. Even after attending Harvard, Eric wanted to take his education further, so he went on to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well. After completing his studies, Eric moved on to start his life and career in California. While in Los Angeles, Eric started up the company, People Doing Things, which used technology as a basis for finding solutions in things such as education and healthcare.

Once Eric was satisfied with the success of his first company, he decided he wanted to pursue new endeavors, which lead him to starting up another company, known as Digital Evolution. Focused in the technological area as well, Digital Evolution became quite successful, and eventually merged with US Interactive.

When it comes to being a humanitarian, Eric does above average compared to most, as he has made numerous donations to charities and non profit organizations with the success he has gained from his business pursuits. Not only is he a member of the Clinton Global Initiatives, but he works with organizations such as The Painted Turtle and Starbright Foundation, which are dedicated to helping children with chronic health issues.

With Eric Pulier’s expertise and knowledge in various fields, especially technology, he has earned himself chairman positions on a variety of different company boards today, where he acts as an adviser. Today, he used a lot of his spare time to speak and write on subjects he has become an expert in.

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