3 Life Hacks by Youtuber Wengie

Here we are going to learn 3 life hacks by the well known YouTube Guru, Wengie.


The first life hack is to help those stubborn lint balls that usually attach to sweaters or jumpers. What you do is you take a razor, preferably a clean one, and just glide it across the sleeves and body of the material. The razor takes the lint and removes it without tearing your favorite sweater. This is effective for when you dry it with beanies and socks and it starts to accumulate tiny lint balls; so now you can just shave that problem away and make it look brand new.

The second hack is a must, especially if you want to put things away quickly in your bag like snacks, but also keep important papers such as homework or receipts. What you do is, you take a Zip Lock Bag of any size and cut a piece of cardboard to fit neatly inside. Next, you take the items you want and just zip it up. Wet drinks from vending machines wont smudge your papers and the papers you didn’t want crinkled or wet now have a sturdy and protective barrier. No more smudged business cards!

The last hack is for those trash cans that are in your home bathroom or office place. Now you’re probably thinking, “How could I possibly perfect a trash can?”. Well, you can. What you do is, you take a wall hook and flip it upside down, then you take your trash bag and hook the strings around the hook. Once you do that, when the bag gets full and heavy, there won’t be any more reaching inside to get those wet handles. Just take the handles from underneath the wall hook, tie it, and dump it in the trash.

These life hacks are simple and completely easy. If you’d like to know more just search “Wengie” on YouTube and be sure to give a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button!


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