Don Ressler Knows How To Raise Funds

Fundraising an important part of any business. Those who know how to raise funds are those who can help get any company off the ground. This is certainly true of one businessman. Don Ressler is someone who has a long background in the field. He knows how to make sure that any company he helps to run is a company that will always have the funding that company officials need to expand into new markets and develop all kinds of important new ideas. This is why so many companies have turned to him for help. As someone who has been heavily involved in companies in the past such as Intermix and Intelligent Beauty, he knows how to make sure that any funds are used effectively and fully.

Creating A Company

Intelligent Beauty is a company that Ressler helped to fund. This company aims to incubate various kinds of other companies with a focus on the field of personal care. This is why they operate businesses that include areas such as personal care where he knows he can make a difference and the fields of specialized fashion spaces of all kinds. At this company, he and all those work for it know that there is an ideal way to help launch and grow all kinds of new businesses in the marketplace. He knows that he can work to help use technology that can allow any visionary to launch a new business venture.

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Working With New Companies

One of his new ventures has been that of JustFab. Don Ressler has been instrumental in attracting venture capital for this idea. He knows that the company can offer women clothing that they will love. To that end, he has helped raise a great deal of funds for it. For example, in August 2014, thanks to Ressler’s help, JustFab was able to raise an additional round of funding to help with new expansion. The funds raised were about $85 million in total. Thanks to his leadership, he was able to work with companies that were able to participate including that of the Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Many other companies participated in this particular round of funding included companies that already chose to invest in the company during previous fundraising efforts such as Shining Capital and Matrix Partners. Also participating in that round of funding was Technology Crossover Ventures, a particular favorite of Ressler and his partners.

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