Maggie Gill Looks To Create A Healthier Community In South Carolina And Georgia

Maggie Gill has been at the head of the Memorial Health medical community for the majority of the 21st century in a number of high profile roles that have given her the chance to make an impact on the communities this medical group serves. Maggie Gill is now looking to develop the links that have recently been developed between memorial Health and Eon Health through the development of a new Medicare plan that will specialize in preventative care as well as handling new and existing medical problems.

The development of the partnership with Eon Health has been one Maggie Gill has been looking to develop for a number of years as the organization shares similar beliefs about assisting the community to the Memorial University Medical Center. Over the course of recent years Maggie Gill has been looking to develop partnerships with other health care groups in a bid to improve profitability for Memorial and create the highest quality health care options available for those looking to the groups for care. The Memorial Medical group headed by Maggie Gill is now looking to create a program that will begin in 2017 for Medicare recipients that will bring together many different areas of the care both Memorial and Eon have become specialists in.

Maggie Gill understands the demands and difficulties of heading the Memorial University Medical Center group that provides care in the southeast of the U.S. The President and CEO of Memorial Medical made the short journey to Georgia after completing her studies in Florida, which included both undergraduate and graduate studies at the state’s best known universities; Maggie Gill studied at Florida State University before completing her graduate studies at Saint Leo University. IN both her work and studies Maggie has never settled for the achievements she has already completed and continued her education with a program dedicated to strategic planning at the Wharton School.

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