Jose Borghi Among the Most Influential Persons in the Brazilian Advertising Industry

Jose Borghi, the founder of Borghi Lowe (now known as Mullen Lowe agency), is ranked among the advertisers that are the most influential in the Brazilian advertising industry. Mr. Boghi is famed for creating campaigns that created mammoth repercussions. Among these advertisements include the mammals of Parmalat, where children were dressed like stuffed animals as they sang memorable jingles. Another memorable advert is the Sazon that had the hit of Luciano and Zeze di Camargo “it is the love” that is remembered up to now.

Jose Borghi’s Success Trajectory

Borghi’s successful career journey took off with a doubt as he did not know which path to follow. In the course of his junior high school years, he accompanied his sister to watch a certain performance taking place at Castro Neves Theater. The performance, which featured a commercial Vts display of awards in Cannes, helped him choose the right career path to follow. Jose identified his right career but did not know that in future he would be bagging one of the available Cannes Lions.

Jose Borghi’s Early Years

Jose is a native of Presidente Prudente and graduated from the PUC Campinas in the field of Advertising and Propaganda. He then got his first job at Standart Ogilvy agency back in 1989. He stood out in his work delivery and then passed through a number of reputable agencies. These included FCB, Talent, DM9/DDB and Leo Burnett before he opened his agency (BotghiErh) with Erh Ray his partner. Jose recalls that as they started the agency, the duo did not have investors, no godfather and no banks as they started from zero. They worked so hard to make the agency successful and this was seen when Mullen Lowe purchased it and it was renamed to Borghi Lowe (December 2006).

Borghi split the presidency of the agency with his partner Erh Ray. The agency continued on its upward growth gaining more of the local and international markets. It has recently merged with other advertising agencies, the Mullen Group and Lowe & Partners. Presently, the agency is referred to as Mullen Lowe and Borghi is the co-CEO with Andre Gomes. Jose Borghi is famed for his persistence in adverse situations and going after what he wants.


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