Sam Boraie’s Impact On New Brunswick

Boraie Development is an urban expert company that provides real estate services to the city of Atlantic and New Jersey. The company is involved in development of property, management and in their sales and marketing. For thirty years, the company has learned a great deal of customer service and keeping their clients happy every time they take up a project. The family company also intends to change the economic standards of the city, by developing property that will give business people a platform to build their empires in the city providing employment for the residents.

Sam Boraie – Omar Boraie‘s son, is the vice president at the company has been commended for his foresightedness in the way he leads the company’s projects. According to an article on, through his projects he intends to transform the face of New Brunswick through the buildings. Moreover the projects are intended to bring grace to city again and help break the cycle of poverty in the city. He has also led the company in various marketing strategies that are aimed at attracting investors into the city and bring good fortune into the city for it to be an economic hub.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sam has been in the company for years and has learned a great deal on leadership and real estate as well. As the vice president, he is in charge of devising new strategies that will help the company move to the right direction. He also leads the company in profitable ventures and contracts with business people which help the company to work towards their dream of developing property and touching lives with the work they do.

In his quest to leave a mark and help his community, Mr Boraie is involved in several humanitarian projects. He is involved with the Elijah’s Promise advisory board. The organization was began to help eradicate poverty within New Jersey communities and environs. The non-profit organization believes in changing lives through breaking the poverty cycle in the city. In addition, he is a member of the Boys and Girls Club, an organization that is focused on inspiring, mentoring and developing young people with the aim of changing the perception of the city and eradicating poverty completely.

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