Securus Technologies Helped My Son Get Released

If it were not for Securus Technologies, my son would still be in prison unjustly. There are no words to describe the deep and heartfelt thanks to Securus Technologies. Because your program was in place in the prison my son was serving in, justice was rightly served. My son was a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.There was a gang fight in the area of the school my son attends.When the police arrived, everyone started running. Some people were trampled. Some people were tripped. My son was one of the latter. And when the police picked him up off of the ground, there was a knife under him.My son was charged with attempted murder although his fingerprints were not on the knife in anyway. He was sentenced to send a message to all of the gangbangers, of which he is not. But thank goodness for Securus Technologies. During their routine monitoring of all recordings, they came across two inmates talking to phone buddies and discussing the case of my son. Neither of the inmates knew the other inmate was talking about the same thing. And they both had information that matched well enough for the authorities to question new a suspect. The new suspect actually confessed to the stabbing during the gang fight that day. And his fingerprints were on the weapon. My son was released immediately. What joy has been brought back into my life. I thank Securus Technologies for acting on the information they received during a routine check on the recordings of inmates. It literally saved the life of my son. He is now home and recovering from the most horrific incident of his life. But at least he is home. I thank you Securus Technologies for having such a program already in place.


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