Equities First Limited may be the right choice, for you.

Many in London who are seeking to invest with a private limited organization, choose to do business with Equities First Limited. The company is renown for specializing in the stipulation of fiscal resolutions by means of loans to their clientele. Equities first Limited, is able to accomplish this feet, by funding their clientele’s investment options, making use of stock as a form of security. This is in contrast to how the majority of banks chose to handle granting loans to their clients. The clientele of Equities First Limited are themselves, individual investors as well as businesses that are deeply interested in funding their own private finances or business financing.

For up to a period of three years, Equities First Limited will make use of equities in place of securities. Should the client believe that their stock investment might rise that are provided with the option of signing a contract with Equities first Limited. This contract would permit the client to make use of shares for securities to obtain a loan. This prevents the client from feeling obligated to sell or otherwise lose ownership. In the event that the client’s shares rise, then they are afforded a significantly reduced rate of interest on their future application.

When a client has secured their loan, they are able to make use of that money as they please. The client may even expand investments, take a holiday excursion, or even chose to pay off any existing debts. There are no limits placed on how the money is to be used. Equities first Limited, does not in any way enforce how the money is to be used by the client. The money is provided to clients, so long as they meet the standards of loan qualification.

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