Looking At Jason Hope’s Passion For Technology And Philanthropy In Arizona

Jason Hope is an all rounded individual with vast experience in entrepreneurship, undying passion for technology as well as a golden heart for his philanthropic acts. He is an exemplary investor with a resilient optimism about the future.

Mr. Hope is a citizen of the state of Arizona. He was born and bred in Tempe. Jason pursued his education in this city. He has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona state university. Besides, he has a master’s degree in business from Carey School of Business.

Several people and organizations have benefited from his commitment to supporting community-based projects in Arizona. SENS is one of the foundations supported by Jason. This foundation conducts extensive research to understand ways to live longer, quality lives. It is devoted to developing drugs that can be used to prevent premature aging.

Besides, Jason supports studies by SENS Foundation on various diseases that make the body to age faster. Some of the ailments causing more rapid aging to people include Alzheimer, lung and cardiovascular diseases. Hope is devoted to supporting this research since it not only finds the cure for these illnesses but a permanent solution thus preventing people from aging faster than they should.

There are multiple organizations seeking support from donors. Therefore, Jason extends his generosity to organizations that are highly passionate about innovation driven scientific research. The amount of money given to such foundations depends on the magnitude of the difference they intend to bring to the society whether local or international.

Besides, he funds organizations that show commitment and contribution towards their projects. The contribution can be monetary or their resources. Jason and his team also carry out extensive background check about the organization before giving their donations. They get credible information about the foundation directly from their society. Some of the foundations supported by Jason include Tony Hawk, Family Health International, Worldwide Orphans, and T-Gen among others.

Jason shows his passion for technology through his support for the use of innovations in the hospitality industry. He believes that internet of things will help hotel managers to offer quality and modern restaurant services to their guests.

Reference: http://tech.co/author/jasonhope

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