20 Life Hacks and DIYs That are Geared Toward Motivation and Fitness


Feeling unmotivated and are too lazy to do anything about it? Wengie has come up with 20 Life Hacks and DIYs that will help you out. Here are some of those Life Hacks and DIYs:



  • Using an Exercise Mat While Watching Netflix-For this one, just set out an exercise mat while watching Netflix and tell yourself to do some exercises while watching, yoga or simple stretching will work.
  • Listening to Audio Books or Songs While Running- If you listen to audio books or songs while running you will increase chances of running further because of the distraction.
  • Incorporate Exercise into Daily Routine- Try doing things like taking the stairs instead of going on an elevator or even just doing random exercises throughout the day.
  • Looking at The Time- Most of us will keep looking at the time when exercising. So, just build a playlist that stops when your exercise time is up so you won’t be checking out the time so often.
  • Eating Healthier-Just pick something that you usually eat every day that is unhealthy and replace it with a healthier alternative.


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