Best Hood Movies From Cities Across America


Hood movies are a window into places in America that are infested the crime, drug abuse, poverty, and prejudice. We get to see a side of life that most of us will never experience but still they seem to spark our curiosity. Take a short tour of these areas in America by watching three of the best hood movies that take place in cities spanning the length of North America.


Paid In Full (2002) Location: Harlem, New York (1980s)

1 hour 33 minutes


Ace is a young man living in Harlem, New York during a time when crack cocaine is becoming a serious problem for the community. His simple life as an employee at a local dry cleaner changes forever when he finds drugs in the coat pocket of a Dominican drug dealer named Lulu. They begin a relationship that will change his own, his friends, and in fact all of Harlem forever.  If you’re a fan of the genre, it’s arguably one of the best movies of all time.


Menace II Society (1993) Location: Los Angeles, California (1990s)

1 hour 37 minutes


Definitely one of the best black movies, spend seven days with a young man named Caine who lives in the South Central section of Los Angeles, California. Though he has never been a gangster and isn’t a violent person, his friends and their environment eventually create a circumstance where the temptation to become a gangster become impossible to avoid. The film paints a gritty portrait of how quickly life in the hood can go from bad to worse.


8 Mile (2002) Location: Detroit, Michigan (1995)

1 hour 58 minutes

This film tells the story of a young up and coming white rapper named Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. who lives in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan. The challenges he faces within his own life are multiplied by the issues surrounding the politics and prejudices that come with trying to establish a career in a genre of music and environment that are viewed as a part of African American culture. His passion for the music and his determination to succeed cause him to constantly find himself facing adversity from friends and foes alike.

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