Can Desire Perez Save The Music Industry?

Making A Splash In Music

Tidal started out as the brainchild of Jay Z. He wanted to make a splash in the music industry and save it from dwindling sales. There are plenty of people out there who have had also aimed to do so and we can see that in the streaming services available. There are still many problems to worry about despite this. Many streaming services simply don’t offer artists enough revenue and the quality of the music they offer is generally sub par.


What This Means For Artists

Tidal is giving artists something they wouldn’t otherwise have and it’s giving fans something they otherwise wouldn’t have. Specifically, Tidal is designed around giving artists a bigger slice of the cake that they helped create. Fans are also getting something they otherwise wouldn’t have if not for Tidal. The music presented to them is always of the highest quality imaginable. You never get anything less than the original format. That isn’t something you can get out of Spotify or other streaming services. It’s something that Tidal does really well and other brands try to emulate.  Read more on


Can She Pull It Off?

Desiree Perez has certainly set huge expectations for Tidal. The streaming market is already saturated, but she still sees hope for taking over and making a name for herself. Tidal is currently enjoyed by millions of people and there are artists who have chosen to use Tidal as a way of releasing their singles before they are heard anyone were else. This gives hope for the future of the brand. If enough people end up liking what Tidal offers she will have given us something completely out of bounds. There’s hope for the future and it starts with what Tidal is giving to everyone.  Check this out.

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