Chris Burch Knows How To Mix Fashion With Technology.

From the time of their inception, the field of technology and the field of fashion have experienced many alterations. Both of these have advanced alongside one another. In the decade of the 1970’s, there was the creation of a bulky (by modern standards) electronic device for playing music, and it was referred to by its more common name as a “boom box.” This fantastic device allowed consumers to have a portable means of making their music easy to play and also portable, whether used inside of their home or while walking in their neighborhood. As time moved on, the following decade of the 1980’s found the invention featured in numerous televised broadcasts, and also in movies, as a method of marketing the device to the community at large. During the next decade of the 1990’s, the technology had progressed to where the device could be produced small enough to be easily attached to a person’s waist. Only one decade after this, the technology had become even smaller, to where it could easily be placed into a person’s closed hand. A great many people believe that this advancement in portability was directly related to the influence of fashion.


Consumers in today’s world can discover that fashion is being married to that of technology in a great many forms. In fact, quite a few fashion designers have gone so far as to produce clothing that is designed to protect the wearer and remain fashionable at the same time. A good example of this is an integrated airbag construction that is placed around the consumer’s neck. This type of airbag can then be effortlessly deployed for a person riding their bicycle, should they have an accident and fall, preventing their neck from being damaged in the process.


Inventions that are fashion and technologically blended are the bread and butter of CEO and creator of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch. He is an investor of a large quantity of projects that use fashion and technology together. Mr. Chris Burch is often thought of as a “power brander,” because he adeptly applies his knowledge of marketing and selling to expand a wide variety of technologically fashionable clothing.


His accomplishments initiated in the 1970’s when he was attending Ithaca College. He established Eagle’s Eye clothing with roughly a $2,000 investment, swiftly expanding to a $165 million venture.


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