The Views Of Samuel Strauch On Real Estate

There are a number of foreign investors who are expected to increase their capital by real estate investment in the United States. As per a survey conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in the real estate sector, there were nearly 64% respondents who intended to increase their investments in the real estate sector in US during 2016. 31% of the respondents wanted to maintain their properties or they wanted to sell and then invest its proceeds in some other assets of the United States. There was not a single respondent who was planning any significant decline.



Samuel Strauch states that areas such as Miami Beach have managed to triple their price per square meter during the last 5 years. Today the average price per square meter in such areas is around USD $ 7,000. There have been developments in infrastructure in this area. It is being positioned as a place of rest, and as a business center. This has motivated investments that are originating from Latin America. Samuel Strauch is the Director General as well as Founder of the real estate consulting firm Metrik Real Estate.



The real estate purchases have increased by $ 87.3 million in the US. The USA is being ranked in 2016 as a country with the best opportunities for price appreciation.


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Mexicans are facing global economic uncertainty. Hence they are looking at other ways for capitalizing on their investments and for protecting their assets. This is why many Mexicans see Miami and New York as an option for investing in real estate. A number of challenges, besides integration options as well as development of new business models are faced by Mexicans when investing in the US. They are seeking new real estate in the neighboring country. They prefer areas with high population growth as well as investment. They are looking for housing as well as commercial properties in these real estate sectors.   Read more, hit



Samuel Strauch believes that Mexicans wish to diversify their investment assets with real estate as they wish to maintain a diversified investment portfolio. Samuel Strauch also stated that by 2015, foreigners have invested nearly $ 6.1 billion in real estate in Miami.


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