Betsy DeVos Extraordinary and Effective Contributing Roles

The best words that describe Betsy DeVos are Philanthropy, Activists, Innovator, Educator and Leader. Betsy was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she attended Holland Christian High School. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was in Michigan where Betsy learned the value of philanthropy and serving the community. However, she’s been humbly vocal about her role being more of a gradual process. Betsy learned after having school-age children how much more important serving the community was. She says that it was having children that had a major effect, for getting more involved in helping her community. Betsy leads her efforts by example. She’s a mother of five children with an understanding of the difficulties parents face with the decisions they make every day, for providing them with the best opportunities. With a pioneering drive for advocacy, Betsy has become a change-agent for children. She strives to create a foundation that gives children an opportunity to thrive in life.

As a former Chairperson for American Federation for Children, Betsy DeVos believes her mission is to advocate for children and help build an environment that is safe. Betsy believes that all children should have the right to have a secure place where they can learn, be productive and grow. Betsy says her goal is to contribute in a way that provide children an opportunity to live an atmosphere where there is curiosity and love for one another. Betsy has served as a member on other boards such as The Philanthropy Road Table, American Federation for Children, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and the Institute for Arts Management at the University of Maryland. Betsy was also elected to the Michigan Republican Party four times and over the years Betsy has contributed $115,000 to the party. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Philanthropic efforts have become a part of her life, for the past 35 years. Betsy’s strong advocacy for children extended within the educational system. She believes parents deserve more choices and supports innovative education ideas, such as virtual schools, magnet schools, homeschooling, and charter schools. Betsy believes all parents regardless of their circumstances should be able to provide the type of education they feel gives their child the best opportunity to succeed. Betsy says that students should be able to perform their studies within an educational setting that allows them to achieve their full potential. The education system provides Betsy a strong platform, for bringing children into the millennium era. Betsy says this is an ideal time for the country to stand behind children and give all their support for a distinctive educational future. Betsy says that her biggest success was in assisting with the tax-credit scholarship program in the State of Florida, with providing over 50,000 opportunities, for children to attend the school of their choice.

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