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The Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual strategic opportunity and M&A Conference was recently organized in New Orleans, Louisiana. John Holt who is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Nexbank Capital Inc. was among the panelist in the conference. The topic which was being discussed by the panel in the discussion was about reinventing community banking, perspectives on competing by innovation. The meeting took place on November 7th, 2016.

The Annual Strategic Opportunity and M&A Conference is an event which is organized to assist bankers, financial advisors, and consultants. The event has been very useful to individuals as well as professional who are in the financial sector by helping them share their challenges as well as perspective on the changes and the challenges that are facing the banking institution. The panels which take part in the discussion take the opportunity to explore financial prospects through M&A activities, organic growth, and branching.

Nexbank Capital. Inc. has been delivering unparalleled financial services and products through its leadership. The firm is very strict when it comes to hiring its staff; it puts more emphasis on candidates who a have a vast experience in the financial sector, those who are well qualified, and well educated. Nexbank Capital Inc. is one of the companies which offer equal employment opportunity to the public regardless of their race, background and even their physical ability. The financial banking institution provides a friendly environment to their staff as well as their clients. Led by their Chairman James Dondero who is also the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, Nexbank continues to excel in the financial industry. The bank has its Headquarters in Dallas, Texas and values its customers not to help them met their personal and longtime goals but also to offer services that exceed their clients’ needs.

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