Goettl Air Conditioning Offers Tips On Keepipng Pets Cool and Happy During The Summer Months

As Summers seem to be growing longer each and every year the pets of Arizona and Nevada have been on the mind of the leaders of Goettl Air Conditioning, a leading HVAC service and repair company handling the needs of customers of Arizona and Nevada for nearly 80 years. Goettl has recently worked with the Nevada Business Website in a bid to provide some helpful tips to the people of Nevada on how to keep their pets cool and safe during the warmest months of the year; Goettl understands pets are now important members of the family who are loved and should be cared for in the best possible way.

Among the tips provided by Goettl are a need to make sure all pets have every opportunity to stay cool during the Summer, which should include discussing with a health care professional the best possible grooming option to keep any dog cool at all times; water plays a key role in the care of dogs and pets of all kinds who should always have a supply of cool, fresh water. Dogs in particular will often enjoy spending time in a swimming pool that will often become their favorite toy during warmer months as this is a great way of making sure they stay cool when the mercury begins to rise. Despite the love a dog may have for water it is also important to make sure a pet does not suffer from sunburn as a number of pet sunscreen options are now available to keep a dog or cat as healthy as possible.

Established in 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning has become one of the world’s leading HVAC brands over the course of its long and storied history; headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona the company has switched its focus from the production of HVAC units to the servicing and repair of a range of manufacturers equipment in recent years.

Arriving in Las Vegas in 1969, Goettl had moved out of Southern Nevada by 2007, but owner Ken Goodrich has made a dedicated move to return the company to its earlier position as a well known and respected name in the Las Vegas HVAC sector.


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