Karl Heideck, Litigation

Litigation is a legal strategy that seeks to have the actions of the lawyer directly impact the end result of the lawsuit. The strategic goal can vary from the damages or sentence awarded in the case or the verdict. Litigation strategies can even include some more impacting results such as setting a legal precedent or impacting consumer-safety standards.

Karl Heideck, LitigationMany of the maneuvers or strategies involved in litigation are not commonly taught in law schools, which give those attorneys who have acquired the strategies like the Boyd Loop, a tactical strategy that states that individuals go through a process of observation and determining what the information means to them, what they may do about it, choosing a course of action based on that information and enacting the plan to achieve the desired result.

Additionally, strategies like lines of effort and case diagrams can assist the legal team by keeping a well organized strategy by keeping in line the things that need to be proven or disprove and all evidence that may assist in those efforts as well as planning each action thoroughly to ensure the end goal is met by structuring each step of the plan around the end result.

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Among the many talented legal professionals skilled in the arts of litigation, one individual stands out; Karl Heideck. Karl is an attentive and intelligent lawyer who will work tirelessly and employ every strategy necessary to achieve the desired outcome of your case. Karl possess one of the greatest skills any legal professional can have the ability to listen.

Karl completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and acquired his Juris Doctor from Temple University Beasley School of Law. He currently practices out of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, providing top notch service to all those who seek his legal counsel.

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