Beneful- High-Quality Solution for Dogs

Beneful is a term that means ‘full of goodness’. It is a brand owned by Nestle Purina Petcare that deals with dog food products like dry dog food, wet dog food, and dog treats. The company was established in December 2001. The high sales realized by the product is due to its nutritional value which has the best-balanced diet for keeping dogs healthy, its appetizing appearance of looking like beef, and its affordability.

In 2005, the company added a product line called Beneful Healthy Harvest which was the company’s first dry dog food. Beneful contained soy and had no meat content as the main protein source. In 2006 they came up with Beneful prepared meals which had added eight flavors.

Beneful was considered as one of the most popular Nestle Purinas’s products that brought a lot of revenue, thanks to its biggest ever television advertisement that cost the company $34 million. The commercial improved their market share which gave them $300 million revenue. In 2012, it was considered as the dogs’ most popular brand which was giving them an annual revenue of $1.5 billion.

The brand has tried to smart up their adverts by customizing them so that it can be felt and understood by dogs, for instance putting up posters that release the smell of dog food hence attracting dogs. They also put up billboards that are highly interactive, for example, in 2012 they put up billboards where people can play virtual fetch while they are on the subway.

Nestle Purina has also come up with various activities for their clients and potential clients called Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest. Here, dog parks designs are renovated for free, which has attracted many people to participate. Beneful won an award in 2007 for their best packages by Expo Selects Award that deals with packaging innovation.

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