Franchise Success in the Meat World – McDonald

Global leading meat processing industry OSI Group, headed by McDonald, celebrated its 20 years of operation in China in September 2012. It became one of the McDonald meat products suppliers in 1960s, serving food service and retails international and later established other outlets internationally. Under its umbrella, is the OSI China processing unit opened in 1999. McDonald is also the chief officer spearheading all operations within the OSI Group. After a successful supply of a variety of food products in Beijing during the Olympic Games in 2008, OSI China has become part and parcel of China economy. Its products range from beef, chicken, pork and eggs. OSI China is also a supplier of the prominent international brands which include McDonalds Corp., Yum, Burger King, and Subway.

McDonald after graduating 1987, he formed his Consulting Group which has been guiding companies on production measures and compliance with food processing documents since 1995. They also provide companies with the most up-to-date knowledge of the standard as well as prepare them in advance for coming market changes.

The Lowa state university graduate in Animal Science also serves as Chairman of North American Meat Institute and Director of OSI International Foods Limited based in Australia. McDonald also enhances sustainability within the OSI operations, which include recycling and reusing projects, education on safe handling of farm chemicals and pesticides and positive address to community, environment and employee welfare issues surrounding them. This saw David McDonald OSI group of companies named in the McDonalds Corp 2012 best of sustainable supply report.

Acquiring Baho Food in the past few weeks has been a strategy to its development to keep it one foot ahead of the competition. According to McDonald, the 67 years old investor, it was indeed an added success to its operations and wider coverage in Europe. The companies’ combined relationship will help develop a strategy and come up with unique customer oriented products and broadened their customer reach and growth. Baho food is a Dutch food manufacturer and provider of convenience foods, deli meats, and snacks. It serves customers in 18 European countries and has subsidiaries in Europe and Netherlands.

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