Samuel Strauch, An Example In Achieving Ones Goals

Samuel Strauch studied at Hofstra University, receiving his undergraduate degree in business. He also studied at Erasmus University as well as Harvard university. Although Samuel began his career in banking he eventually decided to make the change to Real Estate, following his family into the Real Estate business in South Florida.

In 2002 Samuel Strauch saw an opportunity for growth as Miami, Florida transformed from a resort town into a well populated city and started his own Real Estate company there, Metrik Holding, which has grown successfully. As a result of Strauch using his skills and education in International Business, business administration, International Finances and International Marketing he has helped his business grow and excel in many different enterprises.Through his hard work and persistence he has reached the top 13% of agents in his career field. Samuel Strauch’s interest in Real Estate don’t stop in Florida, reaching into Latin America. Strauch has also become an investor in internet business and restaurant businesses.

While having no formal education in art and photography he has an earnest interests in these areas. Strauch believes meditation is filled with benefits and that it enriches his personal and professional life. Samuel Strauch says that spending money on experiences is better than spending money on things. He enjoys time with family and friends, investing in these relationships is very important to him. Samuel Strauch has worked hard as a business man, an investor, and on strong family ties. He is surely someone to look up to and hold as an example in achieving one’s goals.

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