Susan McGalla’s Success in the Business Sector

The place of women in business was for a long time a contentious issue but this is no longer so as women are taking the business sector by storm. Those who have made it to the top have taken it upon themselves to enlighten other women and empower them with the knowledge they need to succeed in their industries. One of these is Susan McGalla of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Susan is a successful business woman who has toiled and labored to get to where she is today. Hers is a story of blood and sweat; her determination and perseverance against all odds are what have seen her grow her company into what it is today.


Susan McGalla’s first job was at the Joseph Horne Company where she worked for 8 years before joining American Eagle Outfitters in the mid-90s. She quickly rose through the ranks, thanks to her commitment and hard work, and soon became the president of the company. Susan has held many other high-profile positions in the course of her career, and always achieved excellent results. Susan worked in the clothing and retail sectors for more than 20 years before she decided to start her own consulting firm. Some of the skills she gained while at this include product merchandising, talent management, branding, and marketing among others. These have proven to be very useful in the management of her Pittsburgh-based consulting firm. Susan McGalla also serves on the board of The Pittsburgh Steelers.




It takes a woman of certain a caliber to manage and run a company with such grace and elegance.Susan realized early in her career that she was disadvantaged by the mere fact that she is a woman and she would therefore have to put in twice as much effort to be able to be successful. She enjoys mentoring young women who would like to start their own businesses as she understands how challenging it can be to make it in a field that is known to be dominated by men. Her resilience and commitment to excellence have surely paid off in a big way.


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